Better Together: AV Technicians and Electricians

Comprehensive communication is the key to integrated home technology. Whether you are adding automation, a home theater, security and surveillance, networking and WiFi, outdoor entertainment or surround sound, you need a reliable full-service company serving your entire needs. The technology industry is changing rapidly, with new innovations almost every month.

With that in mind, we’ve brought certified electricians in-house to partner seamlessly alongside audio/video technicians as a team. We believe it’s important to have this partnership between an electrician and an audio-video manager to ensure a smooth and seamless project – from wire design through implementation.

Having both certified electricians and audio-video technicians is a benefit for homeowners and builders or architects that want to work with one company for new builds, remodels, or custom projects. Audio Concepts is a high-end solution and one-stop-shop to meet all your home technology needs.

Five benefits of the Electrician/AV Tech team:

  1. Pre-Wiring: This is the process of designing and planning what electrical functionality and/or capabilities your home will have or be able to have once all the walls and ceilings are closed up. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one, you will want to do some serious pre-planning. Do not just go with what your contractor tells you – you need both an electrician and an audio-video technician. Having a properly pre-wired home will not only increase its value but will allow you to use the latest technology for years to come
  2. Electrical Design: From high-voltage to low-voltage, network wall jacks, network cabling, and fiber options need to work seamlessly together to support your smart home. The ability to plan from scratch or do an electrical panel or circuit upgrade is important to work alongside the technology
  3. Lighting Design: Multiple lighting packages, tunable lighting, or customized plans that work with circadian rhythm and are energy efficient for indoor and outdoor
  4. Integrated Engineering: Put together a comprehensive rack system that integrates all technologies together as the brain of the house within one platform. Plus, plan ahead for changing technology in the future. For example, the placement and installation of cable conduits to hold control wires, speaker wire, video cable, and network cables. The foresight to install conduits in walls even if you don’t anticipate using them right away is important because it’s a lot easier to install a piece of the conduit during construction than it is to pull cables through a wall after the house is built.
  5. Compliance: To ensure you are within code for electrical regulations. Our network cabling and wiring installers are fully certified and highly trained

Our teams specialize in the design and installation of copper cabling, fiber optic cabling, phone systems, alarm systems, video surveillance systems, and home theater systems. Residential and commercial electrical work is a necessity that requires more expertise than ever before. In addition, ensuring the integrity of all electrical systems not only guarantees the safety of you and your family or business but positively contributes to energy efficiency.

Audio Concepts electrical experts specialize in low voltage lighting and provide the latest information, tools, and technology to ensure cost and energy efficiency, prevent fire and security hazards and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any enterprise with specialty lighting features for the exterior and interior of your Irvine enterprise.

Rest assured, Audio Concepts stays on the cutting edge, with an eye on innovation, efficiency, and creativity. We will keep you advised on the best system for your specific needs and budget. We have decades of experience in the numerous systems involved in the technology industry, and we bring that experience to every project. We design systems based on your specific needs.

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