Benefits of Sound Masking

If you have ever worked in a busy office, healthcare setting, or even a retail space, you know how easy it can be to overhear someone’s conversation – whether you are trying to or not.  Privacy is important but that is not always easy to achieve when there are people nearby.  And, as we all know, other people’s conversations can be very distracting while we work.  One of the best ways to improve privacy and reduce distractions is with noise masking.

If you are unfamiliar with sound masking, you’ve probably experienced it in an office building, retail space, or healthcare setting without even realizing it.  Sound masking works by reducing how far sounds can travel, thereby making it harder to hear conversations.  There are different types of ambient background sound that can be used but it ultimately is tuned to the same frequency as human speech which obscures speech intelligibility in surrounding areas.

Sound masking is great for offices, healthcare settings, and much more because it offers a number of advantages. It reduces distractions in the workplace so that your employees can be more productive.  It reduces the risk of someone overhearing sensitive or confidential information.  And, it increases comfort and reduces stress while working far more effectively than white noise.  Protect yourself, your employees, and your customers from the risk of sensitive information being overheard while boosting productivity with professionally installed sound masking.

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