Benefits of Integrating Lighting Controls Into Home Automation

Today’s average homeowners uses multiple different devices and smart technologies throughout the day.  Living your daily life at home is getting easier, more convenient and smarter.  Almost any device or home appliance you purchase for your home is available in a ‘smart’ option.  But, smart technology is only convenient when it is installed, programmed, and automated for ease.  Lighting control may not seem like something that you need to prioritize for your home automation but, at Desert Valley Audio Video, we are here to tell you that it should be because there are many benefits to doing so!

Convenient Lighting Control

Have you ever been comfortable in bed and then realized you forgot to turn a light off?  With automated lighting control you do not have to get out of bed!  Simply grab your phone, smart device, or remote control and select the light you need to turn off!  Or would you just prefer that your lights turn on at a certain time of day, dim at another time of day, and turn off altogether at  a pre-determined time?  It is all possible with automated lighting!

Save Energy with Lighting Control

The average homeowner tends to leave more lights on in their home than necessary.  And, they probably forget to turn off many lights when they leave the house.  It may not seem like a very big deal but it is more wasteful than you realize!  Not only will you wear out light bulbs more quickly than necessary but you waste energy powering those lights when they are not even being used!  With automated lighting you can easily turn off your lights from a convenient device, whether home or not!  Did you go on a vacation and forget to turn the lights off?  Don’t waste money lighting your home while you are gone – simply turn the lights off right from your phone!

Integrate Lighting with Security and Surveillance Controls

When multiple components of a home’s technology are integrated in home automation, they can work together to provide even better service.  You can integrate your lighting controls with your home security controls for peace of mind and added security.  Program your lights to turn on when motion is detected inside or outside, program your lights to turn on if your security alarm is triggered.  Whatever your security and lighting needs are, they can be programmed to work together with lighting automation.

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