Benefits of Control4 Lighting

Today’s modern home has more options than ever available to the homeowner whose interested in using appliances to make their lives easier while, at the same time, maximizing their home’s energy efficiency. When it comes to lighting control in the home, it’s hard to beat the creative features available on the Control4 system. Designed to be more than just a way to turn on and off your lights, this system integrates the ease of the remote control with the power of integrated hardware and software to create a means for you to control every light in your home in ways you only just dreamed about.


Why You Should Use a Lighting System

Among the many benefits of a Control4 lighting system are,

1. Control Any Number of Lights Simultaneously

With a few simple commands, you can simultaneously control as many of your lights as you, from as few as one to as many as you own. The Control4 control tablet allows you to create individual programs, called Scenes, which run your lights at the press of the keypad. Do you need your kitchen lights on at a different time than your basement lights? Just create separate Scenes to do that and set them running. It’s that easy.

2. Lights Automatically Turn On/Off When You Enter/Leave a Room

In addition to creating preset programs, this remarkable system allows you to link motion sensors to your lighting so that lights turn on and off when you enter or leave a room.

3. Easily Check If a Given Scene Is Active

With the advanced Screen Tracking feature, it’s easy to see with a glance at the control pad which Scenes are currently active and which Scenes have been turned off.

4. Turn Off All the Lights In a Scene With the Press of a Button

Turning all your lights off is no longer a hassle when they’re controlled by a Contro4 system. A press of the keypad tells you if a given Scene is activated, and a second press of the keypad turns off that Scene, and all associated lighting. What could be easier?

Save Energy

One of the biggest ways homeowners’ waste energy is by leaving lights on in areas where they’re not needed. This leads to higher energy bills, but it’s an easy problem to solve: only have the lights on when you need them. The Control4 lighting system is an easy-to-use way to do this without having to remember on your own.

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