Automation And Home Security

Desert Valley makes your safety a priority and we are serious about automation and home security. Not only can we rig your environment for excellent surround sound and optimize cinematic adventures, but we can also ensure your property stays safe. Below is how Desert Valley can hook you up and lock it down.

 Our dream team consists of excellent sound quality and visual experts and also an expert security crew to help set you up with home automation and security. Our security experts can point you in the right direction for what is the best route for your environment and set it up for ease of use.

 We can install cameras from door, roof, to floor, inside or outside your property. Digital video surveillance can give you the peace of mind 24/7, wherever you are. Door cameras can be tailored to alert you when anyone enters or exits. The surveillance can be wired to notify a security company or the police depending your preferences or violation.

 These upgrades can also help save you money because with a security system installed and helping to alleviate loss prevention, it is possible to lower your liability and insurance costs. Home automation also assists with saving money by letting you control everything for on or off peak hours or limit electricity to just the room being utilized with a push of a button. With the right system in place from Desert Valley Audio Video, all of this control and security can be utilized from a smart phone or tablet.

 From ground zero or tailoring a package to fit well with what you already have, we are here to help you at any level. Desert Valley Audio Video’s showroom is located North of the 101 on Scottsdale Road inside the Hunter Douglas Gallery. Give us a call or come by and we will get you on your way to a safer, smarter home today!

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