Desert Valley Audio Video and Audio Concepts have merged and are now

Oasis Luxury Smart Homes

Desert Valley Audio Video was launched by Stacy & Justin in early 2011.  We started off as a very small integration company and grew exponentially.  In 2019, we decided to break into another market, and purchased an integration and hi-fi shop in Long Beach, CA called Audio Concepts.  Audio Concepts has been servicing Southern California for over 30 years!  We spent the last two years getting a feel for this new market and our clientele, have gotten both companies operating on the same platforms, following the same procedures for exceptional service, and now are ready to merge the two! The name Desert Valley just doesn’t work on the beach in Southern California!  In our name selection we wanted a representation of the seemless, easy-to-use, and impressive home technology experiences we create for our clients.  We landed on Oasis, as we aim to make your home evoke a sense of calm, a true refuge.