6 Reasons You Need a New Surround Sound System

There was a time when home theater systems were considered a novelty, but not anymore. Surround today is as close to a genuine theater experience as a homeowner can get. If you need convincing, here are the six reasons to upgrade your sound system.

1. Compatibility

How long has it been since you purchased a new sound system? Many newer TVs, notably 4k and Smart displays, are not compatible with many older sound systems. If you want the best sound, then you may need to upgrade to something a little more current.

2. Multi-Zone Capability

Many homeowners want expansive surround sound, especially for music. They want to enjoy music in multiple rooms. Unfortunately, not every surround system offers multi-zone capabilities, which means an upgrade may be in order.

3. Immersive Formats

There are several newer systems, like Dolby Atmos, that provide a truly immersive experience for viewers. If you are interested in a crisp and clean sound design that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action, then consider a new surround sound system.

4. Hi-Res Music

Did you know that many record companies are now producing Hi-Res music? While that may appeal to you, many older sound systems are not capable of playing the improved formats.

5. Audio Streaming

Flexibility is often a demand for consumers today, and that includes their sound systems. Most people use their smart devices for everything, so they want sound systems that are WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, allowing them to stream music directly through the system.

6. Advanced Control

Many people are trying to eliminate clutter from their homes. Surround system manufacturers understand this, which is why they have designed several controller apps with advanced settings.

While you may be satisfied with your old surround sound system, consider the reasons an upgrade would be nice. Contact a local seller to discuss the best surround options for your home.

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