5 Ways Control4 Will Transform Your Home Into a Smart Home

Having a smart home may sound like something from the future but we are living the era of smart homes right now.  There are many home products and devices on the market that are smart.  You could buy them all and install them all but until they are carefully programmed to work together they are not very helpful or efficient. Home automation with Control4 is the key to turning your home into a smart home.

Home automation may sound like something designed only for custom mansions but homes small and large are implementing home automation.  The beauty of home automation is that you can completely customize it to your unique needs and home.  Below are 5 ways Control4 will transform your home into a smart home.

1. Transform Your Home’s Network

Every smart device is, generally, wi-fi enabled and because having so many devices drawing on your home’s wi-fi can cause problems, having a carefully-designed, professionally-installed, scalable home network is the best place to start.  Control4 has the equipment and solutions you need to create a robust home network that is fast, secure, reliable and more.

2. Control Everything From One Remote

Having many different smart devices in your home is great but it can get frustrating fast if each device requires it’s own remote.  With Control4, you can integrate everything into your home automation so that it can all be controlled, at the push of a button, from one device.  With a single button press, you can dim the lights lock the doors, turn the television on, and more.

3. Control Home Automation From Anywhere with Mobile App

Traditional home audio and video systems were restricted to only being able to control things at home.  Additionally, things like a home’s lights, security, locks, garage door, etc. all had to be controlled at home so if you forgot something or wanted to check on something you had to physically return home.  Not anymore with Control4’s mobile app.  Now, control everything right from your phone or smart device.

4. Reduce Utilities

Because you can control things like home temperature or lights from the Control4 mobile app, you can adjust the temperature or turn lights off that you have forgotten, from anywhere.  This will help save significantly on your utilities.

5. Peace of Mind

Nothing is worse than wondering if you left the garage door open or forgot the arm the security system.  Whether you have only left for the day or for a vacation you can have peace of mind that you can control any of those home automation aspects remotely.

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