5 Ways a Lighting Control System Can Enhance Your Life at Home

In today’s world smart devices are everywhere. From phones to vehicles to thermostats, automated functions play a greater role in daily lives. One area where such technology is beneficial is home lighting. Installing a lighting control system can provide several advantages over the traditional wall switches:

1. Security

A lighting control system can be programmed to illuminate lights when you are not at home or on vacation. Motion sensors can be tied to lighting in order to provide an alert if someone is approaching and also act as a deterrent. Most can be linked directly to your alarm system for an additional layer of security.

2. Energy Efficiency

Automatic dimming is one feature that can save bulb life and therefore decrease energy consumption. The ability to switch off all lights in the house at once prevent lights being left on and wasting energy. With programmable time functions, all of these factors combine to contribute to an overall cost savings.

3. Custom Programming

The ability to turn on individual lights or create pre-set scenes with a bank of them is another advantage of lighting control. Programs can be designed to function on a specific time of day, triggered by motion, or be dependent on a sensor that knows when dusk and dawn occur.

4. Central Interface

With a single, unified control panel you no longer need to run to every room turning off lights as you go. Groups of lights can be switched or dimmed from one location. Some systems provide handheld remotes or control through a smartphone app for added convenience.

5. Curb Appeal

Finally, a lighting control system can enhance the beauty of your home by illuminating outdoor lights without having to flip multiple switches or utilize timers. Landscape and path lighting can be turned on from inside the home or set based on a program, ensuring the best features of your home are always seen.

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