5 Things You Need for the Perfect Home Theater

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the ultimate moviegoing experience right in the comfort of their own home?  We know we do!  When it comes to home theaters, the possibilities are endless and can be completely customized as well as scaled up or down to meet the unique needs of the homeowner.  Every homeowner has a different budget, space, aesthetic style, and audio/video preferences but there are certain things that every home theater needs to provide you with that perfect moviegoing experience.

5 Things You Need for the Perfect Home Theater

1. Lighting Control

One of the first things that every home theater needs is the ability to control lighting in the room.  This can mean different things for different homeowners and different rooms.  In an ideal world, your home theater is a room in which there are no windows so that you can achieve total darkness which maximizes the viewing experience and improves the quality of the image display.  If you do not have the option of a room without windows, you need blackout curtains to block as much light as possible.  Additionally, if you can control all lighting in the room as part of a home theater automation system that will make your viewing experience even better!

2. Projector & Screen or Television

What would a home theater be without something to watch?!  Depending on your viewing preferences and budget you will need to choose between a projector and screen, television, or combination of both.  If you want to recreate a movie theater in your home, a projector and screen are the obvious top contenders but there are many large televisions that are great options as well.

3. Surround Sound

One of the best parts about going to a movie theater is the sound quality.  Surround sound immerses you in the full movie experience and makes it so much more fun.  But, surround sound doesn’t mean just placing speakers around the room.  An experienced and knowledge audio/video installer knows how to perfectly place the speakers to achieve the kind of audio quality that was originally intended when the movie was made.

4. Comfortable Seating

When you want to watch a television show or movie you want to be able to get comfortable.  Comfortable seating is a must for any home theater.  There are many technologically-advanced and even smart home theater seating options available.  Whether you want some recliners, a big comfortable couch, or you want those but with the additional ability to control them with your home theater automation, there is an option for you.

5. Audio/Video Components

You won’t be able to do much watching without the necessary audio/video components such as a Blu-Ray DVD player, surround sound receiver, amplifier, cable box, Apple TV, or any other streaming devices.  Invest in high-quality smart devices that can be integrated with your home theater automation.

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