5 Reasons Your Next Build Needs a Controlled Lighting System

As a builder, you’re on the lookout for the latest home technology that’s both practical and stylish to a potential buyer. Automated home lighting can drastically improve a home, and offers plenty of benefits for builders and buyers alike.

If you’re not currently installing controlled lighting systems into your projects, here are 5 reasons you should consider it.

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

A controlled lighting system is much more than a luxury. In fact, it can save your clients money in the long run, making it a smart investment to implement in the early stages of planning. Using an automated lighting system paired with energy efficient light bulbs can decrease energy consumption by up to 80%. It’s a win-win for the buyer and the environment.

2. Convenient

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of automated lighting is the convenience of it. Lights can be set on a timer, brightness can be adjusted, and they can even be triggered by natural light. (Pro tip: pair smart lighting with smart curtains to maximize natural light in your home.) With these systems, control units are often set up throughout the house, but can also be downloaded as an app to maximize convenience.

3. Safer

Smart lighting can help make the home both safer for the house itself and those living in it. Flood lights can help prevent injuries while walking around at night, while motion sensored lights can deter home invasions. Additionally, vacation modes can be set, making it appear that someone is home even when they aren’t.

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4. Customizable

A controlled lighting system is fully customizable to your client’s needs. Whether they prefer soft light in the morning or bright light in the office, smart lighting can be tailored to their preferences, and can be updated should those preferences change.

5. Improved Interior Design

Lighting design is a great way to show off family photos, art, and other architectural features. Having these lights fully automated ensures that the home will look its best no matter the time of day.

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