5 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Install Your Television

When it comes to installing a television, people often like to think it is something that is “easy” to do themselves.  And, though there are many projects around the home that can be DIYed, installing a television should not be one of them!  Televisions today may be lighter than ever, but that does not mean they are “light.”  And, not only that, they are an expensive, delicate investment.  The last thing you need is to try to save some money on installation only to permanently damage (or worse – break!) the new television you just purchased.  Below are 5 reasons that we believe you should put down the screw driver and leave the television installation to the professionals.

5 Reasons You Should Have a Professional Install Your Television

1. Ideal Location

Choosing the ideal location for a television may sound simple but it is more complicated than you might realize.  First, you want to install a television in a somewhat neutral location so that, should you decide to re-arrange the furniture you will not necessarily have to move the television.  Next, you want to install a television in an ideal viewing location for many different perspectives.  Consider all of the angles of the room and the variety of seating options and choose a location that is best for everyone.  Finally, if there are windows or other light sources in the room, a professional can assist you in choosing the ideal location so that the quality of the picture is not diminished by ambient features of the room.

2. Ideal Viewing Height

The ideal viewing height is something that is very important in television installation.  A professional knows how to find the perfect viewing height that maximizes comfort and picture quality while still making the installation look seamless.

3. Seamless Installation

We have all seen the not-so-great television installation that a friend has done where there are cords and wires hanging all over the place, the television looks a little crooked, or it just looks a little too “DIY.”  With professional installation, all cords and wires can be hidden so that all you seen is a perfectly level television mounted in the ideal location.

4. Correct Installation

Just because you have tools that does not mean you know how to correctly install a television mount on the wall, or how to correctly attach the television to that mount.  Televisions are both heavy and delicate so it is important that installation is done correctly to protect not only the safety of those around the television but also to ensure the television stays on the wall so that it does not get damaged.

5. Safety

Correctly installing a television involves the use of a lot of tools, sometimes climbing on ladders, and often lifting heavy objects.  Don’t throw your back out or hurt yourself unnecessarily.  Don’t risk injury!  Give yourself some rest and peace of mind by allowing a professional to safely and correctly install the television.

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