5 Benefits of a Control4 Whole Home System

Home control systems are the next step in using technology to make your life easier. Smart phones are giving way to smart homes that let you control appliances including your lights, curtains, entertainment appliances, thermostat, garage door, and home security. Choosing a home control system can be difficult, but Control4 has some unique advantages that users love. Here are five benefits to including this product in your home.


1. Easy Integration

The Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP) allows manufacturers to program their devices to integrate almost automatically with your home control system. Complicated code work, downloading new programs, and wire connections are all unnecessary with the SDDP. This makes it easy to connect to new products in your home. Major manufacturers including TiVo, Dish Network, Yamaha, and Sony already incorporate SDDP into their products, with many other companies installing it now.


2. Easy to Use

Consistency is everything in a home control system. There’s nothing more annoying than having to learn a different operating platform for everything you own. Control4 integrates everything into one easy-to-learn scheme, so your new applications adapt to you rather than the other way around. The other benefit is that your coffee table isn’t covered with an army of remotes. You can easily control everything in your house from one app.


3. One Touch Controls

Nobody wants to tap through 15 different screens to dim the lights. Control4 allows you to automate often-used programs or create new ones for special occasions. You can set the movie to pause automatically if a phone call or doorbell interrupts. How about making your lights flash when your birthday guest walks in? With one tap, you can make it happen. Simple and useful protocols serve whatever function you need out of your home.


4. Flexibility

Notes about the light programming involved in this system often scare off customers. While going “behind the scenes” can be intimidating, it is one of the greatest strengths of the platform. Being able to program exactly what you want to happen allows a level of customization unavailable in a more locked product. Simple automation protocols help even less tech-savvy individuals program lights for home security or create fun effects when entertaining guests.


5. Constant Updates & Improvements

Control4’s ecosystem is an ever-expanding universe of drivers that allows your home control system to connect to new appliances and apps. The programs can easily connect you with well over 7,500 products, so you can do more than just dim the lights with a push of a button. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow you to access reprogrammable controls for your pool, thermostat, and water temperature for baths and showers.


Experience the Effortless Control

The main barriers to getting the most out of a home control system are learning the controls and integrating devices. The entire point of these products is to increase convenience; extra time and effort spent on these problems eats into that convenience. Control4 makes these steps the easiest, creating effortless efficiency in your household. Not only will it keep assimilation simple, no other home control system does more for less.

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