3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Home Network

There has never been a larger demand on your home’s internet bandwidth than there is now. Regardless of how many people live in your household, there are likely many devices competing for a share of your internet and that can lead to connectivity problems, slow internet, and other frustrations. The world in quarantine has brought the need for everyone to have robust home networks into the spotlight. Working from home, remote learning, and just day-to-day life all take a significant draw on your home network and if it is not adequately set up to support your current needs and scale with you as needed in the future, you will most likely run into problems sooner rather than later. The best way to ensure your home network can support your home’s demands is a professional assessment and installation of an enhanced home network.

A strong home network will support all of your connected devices and technology such as phones, computers, tablets, television, video games, music, smart appliances, lighting, security, and much more. The average homeowner does not know the complexity of wiring and components needed to build an adequate home network, much less to discreetly install wired and/or wireless solutions that will run efficiently and effectively. A professional can assess what type of home network setup will be ideal for your home, what type of wiring you will need, optimal components, and will be able to install and program all of the components to work together well.

And, if you need additional reasons to upgrade your home network, here are 3 primary advantages you will experience when you upgrade your home network:

1. Increased Reliability: Never worry about the internet not working during a Zoom call again!

2. Availability to Support More Devices: Anyone and anything that needs to be connected can be whenever you want with increased capacity to manage more devices.

3. Improved Security: Your old wireless network may not be very secure, leaving you vulnerable to various cybersecurity threats. A new network will have improved security features to protect you.

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