3 Great Home Automation Apps for Your iPad & iPhone

The number of automated houses continues to grow as home automation technology integrates more gadgets into remote controllable systems. Most houses come with automated thermostats to allow residents to conveniently program temperatures for certain times of the day to save money and energy. Now, home automation systems have expanded to control nearly any electronic device in a house such as lights or even home theaters. In the past, people had to buy expensive master remotes to control the systems in their house, but now mobile devices are becoming smarter than ever with powerful apps.

Here are 3 great home automation apps that you can use to control your house with your Ipad or Iphone:

  • My House UI – The My House UI app can be used to control house temperatures, lights, home theater devices, security systems, and more devices which run on Control 4 automation systems. This app is user friendly and reliable.
  • HAI Snap-Link Mobile – Snap-Link Mobile can be used to access and control your house security systems, lights, audio, and more. It also allows you to access your video surveillance system in real time so you can see what is happening at your house whenever you want. This app works with HAI automation systems and offers a user friendly interface.
  • HouseInHand KNX – HouseInHand KNX is a home automation app for iPad & iPhone which allows total control of your houses systems such as temperature, home theater, security, surveillance, lighting, and more. It can be synced with your house’s IP controlled automation system to allow easy control with a great interface.

The number of great home automation apps for iPhone & iPad will continue to grow as time goes on. Make sure you research your home automation system to find the best control app for your needs.

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