3 Exciting Savant Home Automation Features

Home automation is all the rage and it is more accessible for homeowners than ever before. With many options on the market, one of the time-tested and most popular among consumers is Savant home automation. With Savant, you can customize your home to the way you live, seamlessly integrating technology with your lifestyle to make things more efficient, enjoyable, and easy to use! Below are 3 of the most exciting features of Savant home automation.

1. Savant Lighting Control

Control your lighting at the touch of a button from anywhere you are with Savant lighting control. Create lighting schedules that enhance ambiance and security while saving energy.

2. Savant Climate Control

Have complete control of your home’s climate including the ability to set unique temperatures in various zones or rooms of your home and remotely control your climate from anywhere in the world. At any time, control of your home’s climate is only the push of a button away. Adjust temperature while you are on vacation to save energy and simply turn the temperature back to optimal settings before you arrive back home.

3. Savant Entertainment Control

Customize your home’s entertainment including unique music playlists programmed to various rooms in your home or set various scenes depending on your lifestyle. With ‘themes,’ you can make it possible to push a button for something such as ‘movie night’ and as soon as it is pressed the lights dim, the curtains draw open to reveal your screen, the projector turns on and the movie begins to play. Additionally, with whole-house distribution and the unique TrueControl app, you can watch different things in different rooms from one entertainment distribution hub, eliminating the need for multiple components in each room.

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