3 Benefits to Having a Professional Install Your New TV

Purchasing a new television is a fun and exciting thing for any household.  The latest technology in home audio/video is simply amazing and there is substantial image and sound quality to experience right in the comfort of your own home.  Whether you have purchased a 27’’ television or an 86’’ television it is always best to have your TV professionally installed.  Below we explain the 3 main benefits of professional television installation.

3 Benefits to Having a Professional Install Your New TV

1. Best Television Height and Location

When it comes to determining the best height and location to install your new television, homeowners either think they know exactly where they want it or have absolutely no idea where would be best.  Professionals can help with either of these scenarios.  First, you may know you want to install your new television in your bedroom but do you know where in the room would be best.  There are a few things to consider such as where you will be primarily watching the television from.  Will you be watching TV in bed or do you typically sit in a chair or chaise lounge while watching TV in your room?  Do you have a lot of windows that may potentially cast a lot of light on the TV which makes viewing difficult?  These are all important things to consider.  Additionally, is your bed low to the ground or high off the ground?  Do you watch laying down or sitting up usually.  We can help you determine the ideal height at which to install your television for the most comfortable viewing possible.

2. Professional Mounting Quality

We all have visited a home where they have purchased a great new television but it is sitting on top of a cabinet or there are cords hanging down the wall because the homeowner decided to “DIY” the install.  When you work with a professional audio/video installer they know the latest in A/V tech and how to install your television so that it has a “clean” look.  All wires are hidden, there is adequate power and components for optimal sound and video quality, and all you see is that great new television.

3. Correct Mounting for Safety

Televisions are expensive, delicate, and heavy.  Not only are they not easy to safely and correctly mount without damage or injury, but they need to be properly secured to prevent future damage or injury.  It is in you and your family’s best interest to have a professional install your TV so that you don’t suddenly find your television is crashing down off the wall.  Not only is that dangerous but it will surely break and waste a lot of your money.

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