3 Benefits of Ditching Your Cable Company for Streaming Services

Today’s modern television viewer has many viewing options from which to choose.  Gone are the days where you had a few different cable packages to choose from and maybe a few premium channels to add on.  Today there are a myriad of streaming services available that allow you to pick and choose to pay for what you want to watch so that you can ditch cable.  Below are 3 benefits of ditching your cable company for streaming services.

3 Benefits of Ditching Your Cable Company for Streaming Services

1. Save Money

One of the most significant benefits of ditching your cable company for a streaming service is that it saves money.  Just how much money it saves depends on your viewing habits and needs but the cost difference is often significant enough to be the primary motivation for making the change.  For example, if you subscribe to the highest tiers of Netflix, Hulu and HBO it will cost you about $38 and if you add Amazon Prime Video on to give even more viewing options its about $9 per month more.  Conversely, the average cable bill in America is over $100 so the monthly savings are significant.

2. Customizability

When you choose to use streaming services rather than cable you have the ability to customize the types of channels available to you rather than being tied to whatever is available in your cable television package.  You can essentially pay for only what you want to watch and avoid paying more each month for channels that you will never turn to.  If you love watching sports but don’t care as much about having a huge availability of television shows you may not need Netflix but you may want something like FuboTV premier.  For about $35 per month has a mix of live and on-demand sports channels to help ensure you never miss the big game and you can even find live sports that you missed and watch them within 72 hours.

3. Save Time

When you have cable think of all the time you spend flipping around through possibly hundreds of channels looking for something to watch.  With streaming services you can watch exactly what you want to watch when you want to watch it.  And, many streaming services offer suggestions based on your viewing habits so it helps take some of the guess work out of it and makes finding what you want to watch fast and easy.

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