2 Reasons Your Home Needs Smart Door Locks

Of all the smart home automation technologies available today, smart door locks may not sound like the most exciting option, but you might be surprised to learn about the many different benefits smart door locks can offer you. A smart door lock still serves the basic purpose of a traditional lock but it has many advantages that traditional locks do not have. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need smart door locks, below, we take a closer look at 2 reasons your home needs smart door locks.

1. Smart Door Locks Provide Convenience

Imagine being able to use a digital key or code for you, your family members, or any permitted guests.  Rather than having to make sure someone has a physical key, you can easily grant access to your home to anyone you want, from anywhere in the world, making your home security easy and convenient. Additionally, because you can control your door locks from an app regardless of where you are located, you never have to worry whether or not you locked a door again because you can simply check your app and remotely lock or unlock doors as needed. 

2. Smart Door Locks Gives You Total Control

With smart door locks, you can know who is coming and going from your house, and when. Different family members can even have their own unique passwords or codes to unlock the door for more clarity about the comings and goings in your house. This is also a very handy feature if you are installing smart door locks on a rental home or vacation rental because you can constantly change codes for your guests as needed for enhanced control over security.

How to pick the right smart lock for your home?

Securing a house with smart locks ensure peace of mind for the residents. They can safeguard their valuables from the risk of theft and burglary. These smart lock devices can be accessed from anywhere with unique pin or password. The residents can either enter the code on the lock itself or use a smartphone app for better convenience. However, picking the right smart lock for a house isn’t necessarily straight forward. People have to research the market and consider different features before they can make a solid decision.

Battery life

The most important consideration for buying smart locks is the battery life. In some cases, individuals may run electrical wiring to these locks, so most devices rely on batteries for power. Many factors can affect the performance of batteries, especially connection integrations. The three most common types are Z-Wave, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.


These are available in many smart locks. Z-wave locks don’t directly connect with the smartphone. Instead, they connect with a compatible hub that is connected to a router. This hub device is essential to translate the Z-Wave signal into understandable router codes. Once connected, people can access the locks from anywhere.


The most common type of smart lock protocol is Bluetooth. It is the most battery efficient of all protocol. The battery pack may last for several years even with regular usage. However, the major downside of Bluetooth devices is that they offer limited range. It is roughly about 300 feet depending on the layout of the home. Hence, people may lose connection on their smartphones when they are too far afield. If one wants remote control for their smart locks, they should consider the other options.


Many brands provide Wi-Fi as an optional add-on on smart locks. Their connection protocol works similar to Bluetooth devices. But, Wi-Fi enabled locks require an active internet connection to work. When Wi-Fi is enabled, people can lock and unlock their door from any remote location. Moreover, this type of integration gives them access to utilize features like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


The advanced features on many smart locks allow them to detect the presence of the residents and unlock automatically. This works only if the connected smartphone is in range. It can prove to be incredibly convenient because there is no need to fumble with the keys or smartphone when holding a bag of groceries.

Failure measures

Speaking of auto-unlock, there may some cases where it won’t work or people may forget to carry their smartphones with them. In such cases, keypads come to the rescue. Smart locks allow people to create guest access for an easier way to get inside.

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